In fulfilling our aim of ‘informing, recording and entertaining’ we focus on village events, personalities, the environment and history.  Each issue contains a mix of notices of forthcoming events in Stourton Caundle, as well as a summary in diary form as well as a list of benefice church services. Reports of recent events, including meetings held by village clubs, are also included as regular features.  Being a country village with a long history, nature and the environment are close to our hearts; when possible we therefore carry articles about natural history, the sky at night and local history.  Articles about individual villagers, either from a biographical perspective or ‘a day in the life of’ are popular and regular features.

Conscious that we are in fact recording a current history of the village, we present a set of bound copies of the magazine to The Dorset History Centre in Dorchester each year, for archiving and the use of researchers in the future.

The magazine is funded through the selling of advertising space to local firms, usually on an annual basis.  The move to a commercial printer in 2011 has allowed the introduction of a modest amount of colour in the magazine.


Any enquiries about either editorial or advertising matters should be addressed to:


is our village magazine which is published ten times a year, at the end of each month, with the issues in July and November covering two months.



The Caundler team


Eric Dummett            Chairman

Sarah Kwiatkowski     Editorial co-ordinator

Lin Tripp                    Production

Chris Holdstock          Advertising

Jane Colville              Distribution

Gerry Holdstock         Treasurer




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