Stourton Caundle Parish Council


Mr Hedley Walker       Chairman

Mr John Waltham   Vice Chairman



Mr Alban Harris

Mr Paul Lane

Mr Matthew Litchfield

Mr Roger Paull (Village Hall Liaison)

Mr Oliver Simon (Village Hall Liaison)


Chairman and Clerk share outside meeting

liaison when appropriate


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Clerk:  Mrs Sue Harris

Tel. 01963 362864



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Dorset Councillor: Graham Carr-Jones Tel. 01963 363599





Parish Council Agenda - 2nd March 2020

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda - 15th May 2019

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Your privacy is our top priority and any informationis kept solely for the use of the Parish Council and

is not shared with anyone else.

S J Harris, Parish Clerk, 25 May 2018



Your councillors:


Paul Lane  01963 362707

Paul has lived in the village all his life (72 years). He chairs the Welcome Club who have a monthly meeting in the village hall, and has recently joined the Sports Club committee. Paul helped to get the new play area up and running. He has seen a lot of changes over the years, some good some bad, but he would not like to live anywhere else.


Roger Paull  01963 362014

Roger has lived in Stourton Caundle for all of his 45 years, initially on the family farm where he worked after leaving school until his father’s retirement in 1998.  He is married to Rachel and they have two children, Christopher 18 and Samantha 16.  He has always been an active person within the village and holds where we live to be a pure pleasure; as a former landlord of the Trooper Inn he fully understands community spirit and how important it is.

Roger’s focus is on improving our amenities and letting things adapt to modern day living.  He has seen the consequences of fossilising little communities and will strive to see Stourton Caundle evolve and hold on to the values that we all enjoy; a mix of old and youth is what makes our village unique.


Hedley Walker 01963 362207

Hedley moved to the village in 2007.  He is now semi-retired, working part-time from home as a highway engineer, and is married. His interests include gardening, walking through the local countryside, and helping at local events.  He has found Stourton Caundle to be an extremely welcoming village, prepared to give much time to newcomers, and is keen in return to give something back.



Matthew Litchfield 01963 tba




Sue Harris

Sue married a Stourton Caundler in 1972 and has been busy in the village ever since with a playgroup, the WI and parish clerk since 1992, as well as bringing up four children. She works at Bishops Caundle school as a teaching assistant and has numerous interests including gardening, natural and local history and sewing and is a voracious reader and an avid Thomas Hardy fan. Sue enjoys being parish clerk as it keeps her in touch with the people of the village and will always go out of her way to help whenever possible.


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Paul Lane

Roger Paull

Oliver Simon

Hedley Walker

John Waltham

Matthew Litchfield




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