Caundle Vélo Club (CVC)


Caundle Vélo Club celebrated its 6th Anniversary on November 30, 2017.  The cycle group is led by two Caundlers, Tom Eden and Richard Miles, supported in the past 12 months by two more villagers, David Keenan and Mike Taylor.  CVC has a score of regular participants, most of whom join the bi-weekly rides from outlying towns and villages in the catchment area.   The majority are retired or semi-retired professional men and women from all walks of life, united by a shared passion for getting out and about in the fresh air to enjoy the countryside around the South West.  Given reasonable weather conditions we usually congregate outside the Trooper Inn at the start of each ride on Mondays and Fridays throughout the year.


On Mondays the routes are pre-planned, averaging around 55 miles in autumn and winter and 70 miles in summer, sometimes stretching to further destinations in fine weather.  When the days are shorter we get back well before the light fails, but in spring and summer we usually spend most of the day on our bicycles returning to the village around 6pm.  With the aid of Ordnance Survey map software, the ride organiser plots the Monday routes in advance, selecting a pub for lunch and sometimes a cafe or tearoom in the mornings or afternoons.  The route map and details are emailed to all CVC members on Thursday of the preceding week, allowing for uploading to Garmin or Strava bicycle computers/smartphones.  We ride together as a group, numbering from 7 to 12 cyclists at a time, some of whom dip in or out of the “peloton” at varying points along the route. The lunch stops have become a feature of the day and something of a challenge to find a pub open on Mondays in the right location – e.g. roughly two thirds of the way around the route.  Most enjoy a full midday meal but others prefer a sandwich break.  We make a point of rating the pubs out of 10 for welcome, atmosphere, food quality and service.  


On Fridays the rides start at 9am with a return by 1pm.  The routes are totally unplanned before the start. The idea being to ride to a local cafe for mid-morning refreshment and return by lunchtime.  This means that we typically stay within about 15 miles of the village on Fridays, using these shorter rides to improve fitness for the longer all-day Monday rides.


The individual CVC performance stats of those using Strava GPS are recorded on the Strava club website via this URL.  In addition, the ride organiser maintains a detailed CVC logbook of all the ride routes, individual mileages and highlights of the day.


In pursuing active days by bicycle, our own safety and that of other road users is our paramount goal.   Membership is £10 per annum, the only rules being to wear a cycle helmet at all times with high visibility clothing, and follow the bicycle highway code.  We average a brisk pace of 11/13mph throughout the day according to terrain and weather, with the group reassembling on hilltops or at turnings on the route.  In the event of punctures or other mechanical challenges, everyone pauses to assist with repairs. Our bicycles are hybrid road models designed for hard surfaces, so we use quiet lanes wherever feasible, especially those designated by Sustrans as recognised national or regional cycle networks.  Busy main roads and “off-road” tracks are avoided whenever possible.


After an introductory ride newcomers living in the area around Stourton Caundle are invited to join CVC.  If you consider yourself a relative newcomer to cycling, we suggest you start with the shorter Friday rides first to get used to being in a group, before eventually progressing to the longer Monday rides.


 Contact Tom Eden or Richard Miles as per these details:


Tom Eden        01963 364447.  Email:

Richard Miles 01963 364651.  Email: